Monday, 14 June 2010

Le Comble de L'Élégance.

There's nothing more elegant than simplicity and have been infatuated with the elegance that cascading back necklaces ooze. I think they can pull the simplest of outfits together and you can just never go wrong when you team it with a backless LBD - it is just sheer sophistication. Nicole Kidman looks absolutely stunning here don't you think?! The cascading back necklace brings light to the dress and speaks for itself and in the second picture brings added sensuality and class.

Let's not forget in amidst all of this ravishing simplicity than cascading back necklaces can also suit boho chic. Mischa Barton often works the boho maxi and in a recent picture I saw her wear a wonderful cascading back necklace to finish the look. It gave her that look of class and a californian glow which I adored. What do you think about these necklaces - do you love it or is it all back to front? ;)

Love Alesha xo

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Geek Chic

I have always been somewhat inspired by quirky and unusual styles and admire people who have the ability and confidence to pull the geeky yet stylish look. I especially love the huge glasses, braces and cute dungarees. I think Alexa Chung epitomises this wacky style a-mazingly. Take a look :)

Loving it! But as summer approaches I am becoming more inclined to a more sophisticated look but I'll never rule out the fabulous geek chic! What do you think?

Love Alesha xo

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Maxi Dress to Impress.

Summer is looming, and I'm sure that you, like I cannot wait to crack out your shorts and shades and enjoy some much deserved sun. I've had my eye on maxi dresses for a while now and think they are the perfect way to add a little sophistication to our summer wardrobes. I have always been a great fan of boho chic but have recently fallen in love with the soft chiffon and sheer maxis which just look so luscious! Here are a few gorgeous maxis I have discovered by Chloe. Naturally known for its romantic influences and loosely draped gowns the two Chloe maxis do not fail to disappoint and are in my opinion the height of elegance!

Another of my personal favourites it this Sass & Bide maxi. It combines the graceful and flowing edges of the dress with tough embellishments at the chest and just under the bust giving the dress more of an edge. So beautiful - don't you agree!?

Although I simply adore these nude tones I still cannot deny my passion for the wonderful bold and vibrant colours that Stella McCartney often uses along with the flawless Roberto Cavalli

Okay so the secret is I'm not actually a millionaire that can buy all of these stunning maxi dresses but I have been looking at some more...affordable dresses on the highstreet and have found that River Island do some lovely ones along with few from New Look. They haven't quite got the essence of the soft maxis yet but have some pretty printed ones which I hop to purchase soon. Warehouse is a winner with a range of maxis, a few having the same type of look as the Sass & Bide. I'd watch out for Zara too as they often have such a-mazing Chloe-esque maxi dresses and just perfect clothes in general (slightly biased here;p) Topshop's range is a little disappointing in my opinion apart from a sheer one where a slip is worn underneath, even so, I'd say it was pretty dull!
Tell me what you think, I'd love to hear your opinion on these maxi's :)
Lots of Love Alesha xo

The Birth of a Blog...

To all my fellow bloggers, or at this moment in time...blogger. My best friend has recently been obsessed with a certain passion to blog, forcing me to do the same. I have created my blog to see what all the fuss is about, and I must say, already I have spent over an hour wondering and pondering what to write about and what my name should be. I am looking forward to a long life of blogging and have decided I will write about whatever is on my mind. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I will creating it.
Lots of Love Alesha xo